Adult Cakes

shoe_cake_noveltyCakes for adults, often Birthday Cakes or any type of Celebration Cake are often considered a must have, particularly when those really important birthdays arrive. You know the ones, dare we use the ‘F’ word! Of course I mean Forty and above, you knew that didn’t you!

Certainly I have supplied many cakes in all sorts of designs which usually reflects the birthday boy or girls main interest in life. A glider for a glider pilot, an F1 car for a racing fan, a caravan cake for a caravan enthusiast. I am sure you get the idea. Recently I even designed and made a Sudoku cake for a puzzle fan. They then had to engage their friends to solve the darn thing before they cut into it!

Interestingly the point at which an adult cake design merges with children’s cakes is somewhat blurred. One of my very popular designs is a ‘Converse Boot’ just as beloved with older children/teenagers as adults. I think that my ‘Doctor Who’ Tardis Cake falls into this crossover category too.

Fun Cakes For Adults

Thinking about it so do my Star Wars themed cakes complete with Darth Vader and R2D2. The message here then is that as I categorise my cakes more or less into Adult and Children sections you should look at both when you are searching for ideas. You never know what you will find! So cakes for adults can really be whatever you wish. For example the cake illustrated  is a full size (approximately ladies size 4) shoe hand crafted entirely from sugar paste topping this elegant cake for a lady with a penchant for shoes. Very funny and a real novelty.

The point is that whatever your passion I can design and make a 3D cake to reflect it so get in touch with me and let me know what you want — and try not to be too rude!