Wedding Cakes

wedding_cakes_manchesterThere is no doubt that traditional wedding cakes, multi tier and all that, are never likely to go out of style. However there is a definite trend developing where new brides and grooms ditch this familiar classic confection in favour of something unique to there own personalities. And why not, after all this special day of all special days should be your opportunity to have everything just right.

The dress is important, the reception venue probably critical but a wedding with no cake… well it won’t do.

Here at Ickletweats I can offer anything from the traditional elegant multi tier to interesting characterture cakes based on something about you and your lifestyle. Or maybe something completely wacky and off the wall, its your day so you can do what you like right?

A less traditional wedding cake could also be easier on your budget. Oh and by the way I don’t charge any more just because its a wedding order, all my cakes and products are priced exactly the same according to the amount of time and effort needed to complete them. Why would they not be?